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Bisphenol A (BPA) Information, Research & News
Welcome to the Bisphenol-A Website

This website is a comprehensive resource for environmental, health and safety information about bisphenol A (BPA). Bisphenol A is an industrial chemical used primarily to make polycarbonate plastic and epoxy resins – both of which are used in countless applications that make our lives easier, healthier and safer, each and every day.

On this site you’ll find the latest information about bisphenol A and a wealth of scientific data and resources to answer most any question you might have.

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What's New
  Here is the latest news on bisphenol A.
  BPA-Free, With Regrets - February 16, 2017
  Listening to the science on BPA with Greek scientists - February 9, 2017
  Should Pregnant Women Be Concerned About BPA? - February 3, 2017
  Products with BPA - November 11, 2016
  BPA Health Overview + BPA & Infants and Children - November 11, 2016
  FDA Research - November 11, 2016
  The Endocrine System - March 24, 2016
  Principles for Identifying Endocrine-Active and Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals - February 16, 2016
  Electronics & Auto | - January 12, 2016
  Study linking BPA and childhood obesity shows no causal relationship, October 8, 2012
  European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) reconfirms safe use of Bisphenol A in food contact products - September 30, 2010
  New Study Concludes No Effects From BPA On Nervous System - February 17, 2010
  American Chemistry Council Reacts to Statement from HHS and FDA on Bisphenol A - January 15, 2010
  Limited BPA Study Makes Unscientific Leap - January 12, 2010
  Findings from New Study on Occupational Exposure to BPA of Limited Relevance to Consumers - November 11, 2009
  American Chemistry Council Comments on Consumer Reports Study - November 2, 2009
  New EPA Rodent Study Finds no Low-Dose BPA Effects on Reproductive Function or Behavior - October 29, 2009
  New Bisphenol a Study has Many Limitations, but no Clear Conclusions - October 6, 2009
  California Expert Panel Concludes Bisphenol-a is not a Reproductive or Developmental Toxicant - July 15, 2009
  New Health Canada Data on Bisphenol-a Strongly Supports the Safety of Bottled Water, Baby Food and Infant Formula Products - July 9, 2009
  Final National Toxicology Program Report Provides Sound Scientific Support for Bisphenol A Safety Assessments - September 4, 2008
  Safety of Food-Contact Products Containing Bisphenol A Reaffirmed by the US Food and Drug Administration - August 20, 2008
  European Food Safety Authority Reaffirms Safety of Bisphenol A in Food Contact Products - July 30, 2008
  Are the Myths About Polycarbonate Bottles True? New Information Supports the Safe Use of Polycarbonate Bottles - February 5, 2008
  Polycarbonate Bottles Are Still Safe For Use In Spite of the Latest Scare Story - January 31, 2008
  New Data from CDC Confirms Human Exposure to Bisphenol A in the United States is Far Below Safe Limits - November 1, 2007
  Sound Science Prevails in Review of Bisphenol A - August 8, 2007

Public Health Best Served by Open, Transparent Scientific Evaluations - August 2, 2007

  City of San Francisco Repeals Ban on Bisphenol A in Children’s Products - May 29, 2007

European Food Safety Authority Increases Tolerable Daily Intake for Bisphenol A – Strong Support for Conclusion that Bisphenol A is Not a Risk to Human Health - February 1, 2007

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